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Welcome To Cane Man's Combative Creations

Our Mission Is To Provide The Best Custom Made Wooden Weaponry For The Modern Warrior!

We Have The Best Custom Made Rattan Training Sticks On The Market!

The Tactical Cane - The Only Weapon That You Can Carry ANYWHERE!

Check Out The Detail!

We Have Custom Training Knives, Yawara's (Pasak) and More!

We Build To Order!

Our Prices are decided upon your order and depend on quaintly and detail! We are a Custom Tactical Wood Working Shop. You call us with a design of the weapon you want, and we will then quote you a price and estimated turnaround time.

 We Also have genaric Rattan Training Sticks. They are 28 inches long with multiple burn patterns. These sticks sell for $25 a pair + Shipping! Discounts are available for bulk orders!

  Custom Tactical Canes are of the highest qualty and craftsmanship! they are available in a multiple of wood choices. And are also very affordable, usually starting at around $50 + Shipping with Rattan Training Canes starting at around $39 + Shipping

 For More Information and to place your order, contact Cane Man Direct  at 931-223-7731 or email us at

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